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Interesting facts about Blaze channel
  • 1

    Blaze positions itself as ‘a channel of have-a-goers’. The channel exclusively presents shows and series where people of various risky, high-skill, and quirky trades pursue their daily activities or jobs and share the process and results with viewers in a real-life mode. The examples include pawnshop owners, car restorers, aliens’ searchers, historians, and treasure hunters, to name a few.

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    The channel was launched in 2016 in Great Britain and Ireland as a joint venture between networks Sky Groups and A&E Networks UK. The deal allowed the channel to air A&E programming as a full-time schedule.

  • 3

    Blaze has its website with shows listings and interesting pieces of information, including an ‘Articles’ section, where the stars of the most popular shows share their experiences firsthand and answer questions asked by viewers. This section aims to make the channel content even more relatable, as it amplifies the real-life aspect of the shows, moving away from mockumentary and scripted reality TV.

  • 4

    To avoid confusion in the UK, the parent company decided not to use A&E name of the channel and opted for the name ‘Blaze’ instead. The point is, A&E in the UK stands for Accident and Emergency Unit, so it would be highly misleading for British viewers.

  • 5

    The channel has an easily recognized ident. It is the word Blaze in a large red font placed inside a zig-zag frame that evokes the idea of a lightning strike (since 2016).

  • 6

    The first original programming commissioned and created for Blaze was the series Flipping Bangers (2017 - ). The real-life show follows daily toils of two friends who buy neglected and seemingly unrepairable cars and try to restore them for profit.

  • 7

    Interestingly, many hosts and guests of Blaze shows often mention that they like to share their knowledge and experience and actually educate people at least in the basics of their ‘craft or graft.’ From pawn shop owners to car mechanics, skilled hosts and professionals are eager to provide tips and spill some secrets to help people get away from their phones and learn more about the physical world they live in.

  • 8

    The channel franchised its versions to Italy (launched in 2017), and Spain and Portugal (launched in 2018). However, in 2022 the Spanish and Portuguese versions were canceled.

  • 9

    Along with crafting, grafting, and exploring shows, Blaze broadcasts a few mystery series and MMA shows. The mystery series are usually given time slots that are less lucrative for viewers, with the primary channel content being aired in prime time slots.

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    Initially, the channel broadcasted the exclusive A&E content, which meant importing and running the USA-produced shows. The most popular programmes with high viewing rates are Pawn Stars, American Restoration, and Storage Wars. These shows are running continuously, with new episodes being regularly purchased for airing in the UK.