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Interesting facts about CBeebies channel
  • 1

    CBeebies is a free-to-air channel owned by BBC that is fully dedicated to programming for preschoolers (6 years old and younger). The channel has a foundational goal of providing high-quality entertaining and educating content that helps kids discover the world and learn in an easy and fun way.

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    CBeebies was officially launched in 2002, got its audio version CBeebies Radio that was first broadcast on BBC Radio in 2007, and got its own thematic magazine CBeebies Weekly in 2006.

  • 3

    To match the interests of its target audience, Cbeebies’ idents were designed to resemble cozy toys for young kids. For many years, the channel ident featured a set of blobby bright yellow critters called Bugs or Bugbies that were moving on the screen accompanied by a kid’s voiceover. In 2023, the idents were changed as a part of a big rebranding move.

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    The channel has live presenters who fill the gaps between programmes. They talk to young viewers directly from the screen, offer some easy activities to fill time, announce the next shows, present birthday cards, etc. International versions of the channel have their own local presenters.

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    The channel provides daily content divided into strands that match various parts of the day and activities typical for young kids. There are 4 major strands: early morning Get Set Go, late morning and early afternoon Discover and Do, late afternoon Big Fun Time, and Bedtime.

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    CBeebies has special timeslots allotted to reading aloud, called Storytimes, one at lunchtime, and another around 7 pm, called Bedtime Story. The Bedtime Story is presented by various guests, including actors and musicians, and there is a Gaelic-speaking version of this programme aired on BBC Alba.

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    The channel has its own themed playground called CBeebies Land that was opened in 2014. The playground operates as a part of the Alton Towers Resort park and offers various rides, games, entertainment and attractions based on the beloved channel programmes for young kids.

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    CBeebies has its HD version launched in 2013. The HD channel offers a similar range of programming although is limited geographically. CBeebies HD can be watched on BBC Four HD, with which it shares broadcasting hours.

  • 9

    CBeebies has its own website that was launched together with the channel. The website is designed to be easily navigated by kids and offers various enriching activities related to CBeebies programmes. The channel has also produced VHS and DVD releases that present compilations of the most popular episodes of various shows.

  • 10

    The channel is equally loved by young viewers and critics for its ‘kids-safe and enriching’ content. It is nominated practically every year for the Children’s BAFTA awards and in most cases, its programme or the whole channel scoops an award or two.