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Interesting facts about CBS Reality channel
  • 1

    CBS Reality hosts programming that presents authentic criminal cases and investigatory pathways that helped solve them. Its factual programming ‘stays true to the events’ and explores crime mysteries that happened in various settings and locations across the globe.

  • 2

    CBS Reality (UK) relies on imported content, like its sister channels across the globe, but it also produces its own original true crime shows, including the famous titles Murder by the Sea, New Scotland Yard Files, and Murder: First on Scene, to name a few.

  • 3

    CBS Reality has its own catchup service available through the dedicated app. Once the app called CBS Catchup Channels UK is downloaded, viewers can access the programming of CBS Reality and Legend channels, including documentaries and a wide range of cult feature films.

  • 4

    The channel was initially launched in 1999 under the name Reality TV, as a brainchild and a joint project of Zone Vision and UPCtv. In 2006, all channels running under Zone Vision were united under the Zone brand. Reality TV became Zone Reality.

  • 5

    CBS Reality is a free-to-air channel, available on cable, IPTV, satellite and terrestrial. It can be accessed in Europe, Middle East and Africa; in Poland, it’s by default broadcast in HD format.

  • 6

    The channel changed its logo and idents several times. Its first logo as Reality TV was the name of the channel put against the yellow diamond sign with an electric shock arrow placed above it.

  • 7

    CBS Reality is home to the popular series Judge Judy, the American reality court show where Judith Sheindlin, the former judge of the Manhattan Family Court, presided and adjudicated real small claims in the simulated court environment. However, before stepping in front of the cameras, all parties to the hearing signed the document accepting the adjudication as legally binding, so actually it was a real court hearing set in the TV studio.

  • 8

    In the UK and Ireland, CBS Reality got its current name in 2009, when CBS overtook several different channels to launch a strand of thematic broadcasting outlets under the common CBS brand. The former Zone Reality channel became CBS Reality, its sister channels being CBS Justice and CBS Drama.

  • 9

    CBS Reality's new logo features the iconic eye shape that is a signature of CBS. The overall design includes words CBS and Reality in bright yellow color with the eye shape placed between them as a spacer.

  • 10

    At first, CBS Reality had its +1 channel that broadcast with timeshift. However, in 2015, the timeshift channel was cancelled, and now shows can be re-watched in the catchup app or on Local Television channels.