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Interesting facts about Channel 4 channel
  • 1

    Channel 4 was created in 1982 as one more terrestrial television service to complement three already existing ones (BBC One, BBC Two and ITV). The channel name reflects the fact of it being the fourth one.

  • 2

    Initially, the channel did not broadcast to Wales, where its programmes were transmitted by S4C. Only in 2010 Channel 4 officially appeared in Wales, becoming a truly national channel.

  • 3

    Channel 4 has a branch, Channel 4 HD that broadcasts in HD. The HD channel shows the same programming as the master channel but updated to HD level. Originally created HD content is marked by the logo 4HD.

  • 4

    Channel 4 was launched with the goal of promoting innovative and unconventional approaches and creating content that will appeal to minorities and underrepresented groups, and the channel lives up to expectations. Its contemporary art programmes and history documentaries are welcomed by critics and viewers alike.

  • 5

    The channel has its own bi-annual magazine 4Talent that covers figures of emerging and established recognition in creative industries, and the unique feature of the magazine is giving an equally prominent crediting to all staffers working on the issue, not just writers.

  • 6

    Channel 4 was the first British broadcaster to feature a same-sex kiss in primetime, namely, in the popular show Brookside in 1993.

  • 7

    The channel introduced the idea of ‘stranded programming’ when seasons of shows or thematically similar programmes are promoted and aired in strands or blocks, like blocks of teen programmes, comedy shows, etc.

  • 8

    Channel 4 does not produce content; instead, it commissions it from the independent companies (it’s the part of the public remit). Ultimately, Channel 4 became the first UK TV channel to outsource all of its shows and features.

  • 9

    The identity of Channel 4 underwent several reinventions over time, but essentially it remains the number ‘4’ made of 9 separate blocks.

  • 10

    Although appreciated for its avant-garde and thought-provoking content, the channel often comes under the barrage of criticism when especially controversial or sensitive topics or views are aired nationwide in primetime as a part of ‘the free speech’ approach.