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Interesting facts about E4 channel
  • 1

    In 2019, Channel 4 officially made a deal with the Adult Swim to air some of the most popular series and shows. Since then, most of the programming of the Adult Swim block has been gradually made available on E4 and E4 Extra. The Adult Swim is known for premiering some of the world’s most iconic animated series, both American and foreign.

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    E4 was launched in 2001 as a pay TV option accompanying Channel 4. The channel is owned and operated by Channel Four TV Corporation. In 2004, subscription requirements were dropped and E4 became free-to-air.

  • 3

    ‘E’ in the channel name stands for ‘entertainment,’ the channel targets primarily younger audiences and provides the content accordingly. The age of its target group is 16/18 to 35.

  • 4

    The channel airs a variety of live entertainment shows, scripted TV shows and animated and live-action series. The most popular programmes ever were the episodes of the teen show The Inbetweeners.

  • 5

    The channel underwent several rebrandings, including changes of its logo. The first logo was a styled numeral 4 in the purple color with the white letter E placed inside it. The current logo is a numeral 4 made of oblong black blocks with letter E placed over them.

  • 6

    In 2005, E4 introduced the dedicated music programming strand E4 Music. The strand was aired on different time slots till 2009, when it was cancelled altogether.

  • 7

    As the content policy shift, the channel eventually decided to air a larger share of domestically produced content and dropped many shows imported from the USA from its schedule. Instead, more UK-made dating and reality shows are introduced to the audience, like Married at First Sight UK. This show alone gathers around 2 million viewers during its air time.

  • 8

    In 2021, the Channel Four Company revived its long-defunct GamesMaster programme to be aired on E4. The point of the programme is exploration of video games, but the actual content is challenges offered to adult game lovers who can win the prize, namely the GamesMaster Golden Joystick.

  • 9

    The Channel Four Corporation often introduces profound content and programming reshuffling among the sister channels it owns. The most recent change that impacted E4 was the launch of E4 Extra to which some of the most popular E4 shows were transferred. Music content became native solely to 4Music channel, leaving more slots on E4 for domestically produced shows.

  • 10

    E4 was one of the channels that were impacted by the Red Bee incident. In 2021, the fire alarm provided by the Red Bee company went off (presumably falsely) in the shared headquarters and flooded the premises and server rooms of several channels. The ensuing damage to the equipment made some channels stop broadcasting for a month or more.