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Euronews TV Guide

Interesting facts about Euronews channel
  • 1

    Euronews was conceived after the Persian Gulf War, when it became clear that the American CNN news channel positioned itself as the global leader in news reporting. Euronews was created specifically to provide a counterbalancing news outlet with the Eurocentric position.

  • 2

    Euronews was launched in 1993 by the European Broadcasting Union, with the headquarters in Lyon. The 10 public broadcasters from the Union provided funding to create a new comprehensive new channel, thus becoming its primary shareholders. Later, many other broadcasting companies across Europe purchased a licence for setting up affiliate studios and broadcasting global and local news.

  • 3

    In 2012, Euronews launched its own radio version. It repeated the content of the TV channel in audio format for the audience for whom β€˜watching news is not an option,’ as the slogan said. In 2020, the radio practically stopped broadcasting.

  • 4

    In 2014, Euronews announced its decision to set up the African branch of the news outlet that would cover events on the African continent. At its launch in 2016, the branch was headquartered in Congo, broadcast in English and French, and got the name Africanews. The name sparked a controversy and accusation of plagiarism, since AfricaNews was the name of the already existing Congolese news channel.

  • 5

    In 2007, Euronews received permission from the European Commission to create a news outlet broadcasting in the Arabic language. The Arabic version was officially launched only in 2008.

  • 6

    Euronews had several rounds of logo changes. More recent logos feature a circle in different interpretations, from a larger one to a smaller one. The circle stands for the globe and also for the circle of stars on the European Union flag.

  • 7

    In 2016, the channel launched its HD version on satellite. Euronews tested several formats and codecs before settling on MPEG format in 2017.

  • 8

    Euronews seriously invested into new mobile reporting technologies, including reporting via iPhone, and in 2018, it helped the channel to set the groundbreaking live stream by a field journalist from the MV Aquarius (the rescue ship for migrants) while it was stuck near the shores of Italy. The coverage was a major global scoop and it solidified Euronews’s positions as a credible news provider.

  • 9

    In 2017, Euronews decided to split the broadcast into 12 separate services, each broadcasting in a specific language. In addition, the glocal strategy was introduced, which meant that each separate service would broadcast locally significant content, employ Euronews local staff and share important local news with other sister services.

  • 10

    Unlike dedicated news channels that focus mostly on political or economic events, Euronews covers all areas of life. It offers flagship shows that discuss the burning global issues but also provides programming on travel, culture, technology, climate issues, science and education, entertainment, etc.