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Great! Movies Action TV Guide

Interesting facts about Great! Movies Action channel
  • 1

    Great! Movies Action is a British free-to-air channel that currently belongs to Narrative Entertainment UK Limited and broadcasts the wide selection of genre movies with a pinch of short 5-minute news bulletins thrown in the mix.

  • 2

    The channel was initially launched in 2019 as Sony Movies Action together with a number of other Sony movies channels that formed a comprehensive and free to watch film network offering a diversity of genres and titles.

  • 3

    In the family of Great! Movies channels, Great! Movies Action is dedicated to fast-paced movies like westerns, action films, war stories, classic action movies like Rambo series, movies featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, etc. The target audience of the channel is male viewers aged 55 and above.

  • 4

    Great! Movies Action has its official slogan that reflects the content viewers should expect to see: β€˜The no-holds barred movie channel that takes on all-comers and rarely leaves without a fight.’

  • 5

    Great! Movies Action has a dedicated section on the Great! Movies parent channel. The section offers channel schedules, brief teasers of movies to watch, suggestions, and access to Great! Movies news bulletins and other useful information.

  • 6

    The channel sports the uniform GREAT! logo and styling. GREAT! a capitalised font with an exclamation mark stands for the network branding, and Movies Action indicates the type of content provided on the channel.

  • 7

    Great! Movies Action is freely available on all major television platforms, including Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media and Freesat where it took the slot of Sony Movies Action channel.

  • 8

    Great! Movies Action continues the tradition of a separate action movie channel that existed under various names for a long time. Its predecessor Sony Movies Action was an overhaul of previously available Movies4Men channel that sported the same action movies lineup.

  • 9

    When the channel emerged as Great! Movies Action in 2021 in place of the Sony channel, media and PR professionals criticised the branding solution because of its generic look and meaning that could confuse viewers. They cited the Sony Movies branding as more efficient because it appealed to the high-end reputation of Sony devices and branded the channel as a top-quality movie source by analogy.

  • 10

    Along with movies, the channel offers very brief sport insights, more like teasers to keep viewers interested and informed about key events. To get in-depth reports and full videos, the audience has to look elsewhere.