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Interesting facts about Great! Movies channel
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    The channel offers all kinds of movies imaginable, catering to various groups of viewers. A day’s schedule can feature a few mystery series, a blockbuster, a romance movie, a rerun of some cult film, a comedy, and a teleshopping session.

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    The key feature of Great! Movies broadcasting is that longer movies are obligatorily split into one-hour segments by 5-minute news breaks. The news bulletins match the channel’s content: they are celebrity gossiping, announcements of new films or series being released, and other entertaining movie-related information.

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    Great! Movies has its dedicated website that also hosts links to sister channels like Great! Movies Action and Great! Movies TV. The channel provides daily schedules, overviews of currently running series and upcoming films, teasers and trailers, and offers a convenient access to its Great! Movies news bulletins.

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    Great! Movies ident makes a visual pun of the channel’s name: GREAT! is presented as a cheerful exclamation (put in capital letters) above the word ‘movies’ put in a smaller font. The lover part of the ident has a purple frame that resembles the edges of a TV screen.

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    The channel has its official slogan – ‘ever-changing mix of modern cinematic classics’ – that indicates the specific kind of programming on offer and how the movies lineup may differ from other channels with focus on cinematic products.

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    It’s remarkable that the channel has several launch dates due to the complex path of its creation. The year when the Sony Movie Channel as its predecessor was launched was 2012, and the year when the established channel was taken over by Narrative Entertainment UK Limited and renamed Great! Movies was 2021.

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    Great! Movies channel has its FAST (free ad-supported television) version that is streamed on Samsung TV Plus. The FAST branch features the same idents but has a schedule that differs from the main channel.

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    The first network to offer the initial version of this channel, the Sony Movie Channel, was the satellite service Sky. The newly conceived channel replaced the already existing Movies4Men 2 but was not available as free-to-air until 2018.

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    The channel’s road to cable and Freeview platforms was long and winding: the part-time channel of live games and quizzes, the Big Deal, was broadcasting on and off with changes in schedule till 2012 when it was renamed Movie Mix. In 2016, it was decided that Movies Mix will be replaced by the Sony Movie Channel on Freeview and Virgin Media.

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    The initial long-term Sony Movie Channel ident was a reference to the Sony trademark, namely, the inscription ‘Sony Movie Channel’ in its classic font on the background of a dark curve imitating the shape of letter S.