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ITV3 TV Guide

Interesting facts about ITV3 channel
  • 1

    ITV3 is a British TV channel that targets the audience aged above 35 and has the correspondingly curated programming. It mainly broadcasts repeats of well-known crime story series, dramas and comedies and sometimes introduces new ones that fall in line with the channel’s concept.

  • 2

    The channel was launched in 2004, as a replacement for the now removed channel Plus (Granada). This swap explains how popular dramas that have been running since the 1990s became known as the features of ITV3 (by virtue of uninterrupted content continuity).

  • 3

    ITV3 had several rebranding rounds, with the most interesting one taking place in 2013. The channel got idents that referenced the signature dramas presented as puppet shows in bell jars and the new slogan that described ITV3 as the "keeper of ITV's treasured and timeless drama".

  • 4

    ITV3 has its double in HD that started broadcasting in 2010. At first, the service was to be paid for through subscription, but in 2022 the encryption was lifted and ITV3 HD turned into a free-to-air channel.

  • 5

    As a home to some of the best and well-loved crime dramas and thrillers, ITV3 has its own award named ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards. It was first held in 2008 and its aim is to highlight the best series and films of crime story genre, thus solidifying ITV3’s reputation as the main point of access to the great genre products.

  • 6

    To mark the important anniversaries of Coronation Street series, ITV3 rerun several selected episodes of the drama in one day first in 2020 and then in 2022.

  • 7

    Some of the most known series and dramas that are periodically rerun on the channel are Coronation Street (classic version), Agatha Christie's Poirot, Emmerdale in its classic version, Inspector Morse, Midsomer Murders, and A Touch of Frost.

  • 8

    Initially, the channel was planned as ITV β€˜Gold’ brand hosting specifically the time-tested classics of crime genre that became the β€˜golden standard.’ Later the branding was changed to ITV3.

  • 9

    The most watched show ever on ITV3 is Foyle's War, in particular, a few episodes. It is a crime mystery series set in England during and immediately after WWII. The show was launched in 2002, run till 2007, was canceled but renewed in 2008. Foyle's War has 8 seasons in total.

  • 10

    ITV3 does not broadcast sports events, the only exceptions being the Rugby World Cup of 2007 and Tour de France and ITV Racing shown when ITV4 Channel could not broadcast them for technical reasons.