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Interesting facts about ITVBe channel
  • 1

    ITVBe was launched in 2014 as one of subdivisions of the large network ITV plc. with exclusive focus on reality TV content.

  • 2

    ITVBe has its HD double, ITVBe HD, that broadcasts key ITVBe shows in HD and is accessible on Virgin Media, Sky and Freesat.

  • 3

    ITVBe is known for its huge array of reality TV and unscripted shows, both originally British and franchises from the USA, spanning topics from dating and partying to drag queen contests and experiences of first-time moms.

  • 4

    In 2014, ITVBe introduced a special set of idents that reflected its glitzy and celeb-studded content and close interaction with social media aesthetics. The unique feature was idents generated by users and named Mydents, as a nod to deep merging of real life and shows and immediate involvement of viewers.

  • 5

    The most watched and discussed show of ITVBe is The Only Way is Essex, or TOWIE, that’s been running since 2010. In 2011, the show won the Audience Award at the BAFTA Awards.

  • 6

    The most popular reality TV show The Only Way is Essex presents ‘real people in scripted situations saying unscripted lines but according to a provided structure’. The show is based in Brentwood (Essex, England) and it generously draws upon stereotypes and regional jokes referencing Essex and its population. This exploitation is often subject to criticism and accusations of ‘faking,’ yet the cast regularly retort that they are real people from Essex and they just live their usual lives.

  • 7

    In 2018, the children’s programming strand was introduced, under the title LittleBee. It offers preschool education and entertainment programming and airs the revival of the kids’ show Sooty and Sweep, among others.

  • 8

    Absolutely Ascot is the ITVBe reality show that raised controversy by claiming to be what it actually was not. The show promoted itself as the glimpse into life of British gypsies or travelers, but instead presented yet another glitzy stint of parties and dating. The cast had to provide official explanations that they are second-generation travelers who ‘do not travel’ anymore due to a settled and prosperous lifestyle.

  • 9

    ITVBe has its part-time strand named EarlyBe on ITV Hub. EarlyBe offers the preview of new episodes of shows that will be aired on ITVBe sometime later.

  • 10

    ITVBe has its own original British version of the American franchise The Real Housewives. The programme is called The Real Housewives of Cheshire and it focuses on following the daily lives of well-to-do women from Cheshire and Greater Manchester who pursue professional and personal fulfillment.