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More4 TV Guide

Interesting facts about More4 channel
  • 1

    More4 was launched in 2005 by Channel Four Television Corporation as a free-to-air channel with a wide selection of programmers ranging from foreign dramas and series to documentaries and lifestyle shows.

  • 2

    In 2012, More4 underwent a major programming overhaul: most documentaries from its initial programming were moved to Channel 4, and More4 got to broadcast mainly lifestyle content and fiction films and dramas.

  • 3

    During the prelaunch promotion, More4 was positioned as a new exciting channel with adult entertainment, with playful neon lettering deliberately hinting on explicit and daring content to be broadcasted. However, later there came the disambiguation: โ€˜adult entertainmentโ€™ was 'intelligent and insightful' programming, and not some X-rated movies.

  • 4

    More4 proudly claims on its official site that it offers 535 programmes for online viewing. The most popular programmes list includes 24 Hours in Police Custody, Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke, Four in a Bed, Home Greek Home, and A Place in the Sun.

  • 5

    More4 offers the unique service, Walter Presents, that delivers video-on-demand and hosts some of the finest foreign language dramas supplied with English subtitles. The service got its name after Walter Iuzzolino, an Italian TV producer who literally handpicks the series and films to be broadcasted in Walter Presents.

  • 6

    Initially conceived as free-to-air to lure the audiences to watch More4 regularly, the channel was launched in 2005 as a subscription-only service on Sky TV platform. Only in 2008 the encryption was dropped and More4 became really free to watch.

  • 7

    Walter Presents, the on-demand-video service with handpicked lineup of shows available on More4, is so popular that it was franchised to Europe and the USA and launched in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. The American name of the franchise is Walterโ€™s Choice.

  • 8

    In 2012, More4 was rebranded and got a new set of idents designed by the London studio ManvsMachine and the Channel 4 own design team. The change in idents reflected a shift from documentaries towards lifestyle and entertainment shows and used the idea of โ€˜scrapbooksโ€™ that draw from miscellaneous areas of life and mix bits and pieces into something unique.

  • 9

    More4 has its HD version running on Sky and Virgin Media. First planned for 2011, More4 HD was launched in 2013 and got its idents from the London studio ManvsMachine.

  • 10

    At the start of its operation, More4 offered unique peeks into the royal life of monarchs and British cultural and social intricacies, but in 2012, the thematic documentaries were axed from its programming and transferred to Channel 4.