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Interesting facts about STV channel
  • 1

    STV is a Scottish free-to-air channel that comprises two previously existing broadcasting licences in the region, Scottish Television and Grampian Television that are now STV Central Ltd and STV North Ltd, respectively.

  • 2

    In 2010, it was reported that STV would face an investigation by Ofcom on the basis of the fact that the channel allowed the Scottish Government to interfere with the schedule, thus introducing bias into broadcasting. The investigation did not find proof of political influence but the outcome report pointed that some short programmes were too strongly affiliated with the Governmental initiatives through funding.

  • 3

    In 2009, STV started dropping from its schedule some iconic dramas and series provided by ITV plc network. ITV started a legal action claiming it was a breach of contract and requested compensation of £38 million. STV revealed its plans to put on air more content made in Scotland in place of dropped dramas but ultimately lost the case and paid a settlement fee of £18 million.

  • 4

    In 2010, STV started rolling out its HD version that was gradually made available on all major broadcasting platforms. The HD version can be watched in 4 areas covered by broadcasting (North, West, East and Tayside) but only in the Western region it is free-to-air (and to watch).

  • 5

    The channel has a recognizable logo that features letters and prominent graphic elements. The name STV is presented in two colours, S in blue and TV in white, and the ‘TV’ part is placed against the blue triangle that stands on one angle and points with another one to the right, like a directional arrow.

  • 6

    STV has its +1 version available on most television platforms, but on Freeview and Virgin, there are two +1 versions of STV, the one broadcast for North and the one aired for Central Scotland.

  • 7

    STV hosts its own charitable events and actions. First one was the STV Children’s Appeal, and after its success, STV set up the Scottish Children’s Lottery action, also of charitable nature.

  • 8

    STV hosts its regional subdivisions, Central and North, in different cities and different studios to provide the most accurate and on-point coverage of local matters and to deliver proper broadcasting services. STV Central has facilities in Glasgow (the channel headquarters) and Edinburgh, and STV North in Aberdeen.

  • 9

    STV previously created many programmes and shows in the Gaelic language. Yet they were all subsequently moved to a dedicated channel, BBC Alba, leaving STV with content broadcast in English.

  • 10

    Officially, STV is obliged to create only 1.5 hours of regional programmes of non-news nature per week. Yet the channel pledged its goal to produce more regional output. Its most successful drama at the moment is the crime series Taggart.