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Interesting facts about BBC London channel
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    The logo of BBC London and its flagship programme BBC London News is the same in order to provide the clarity and continuity of branding. The logo includes scarlet background and words BBC London in bold white font.

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    The flagship programme and the staple of BBC London daily broadcast is BBC London News which is presented in small bulletins throughout the day and as a half-hour long programme in the evening. The signature presenter is Riz Lateef, and she has literally become the face of the programme.

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    BBC London is the BBC English Region division that serves dedicated local TV, radio, online and teletext content for London and a portion of adjacent areas. Its TV strand has time slots on the BBC One main channel and can be viewed separately on channel 954 of digital satellite.

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    As a regional TV service, BBC London faces close competition from regional commercial television. Its main rival is ITV News London produced under the ITV plc branding.

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    BBC London News is not the only programme available in the strand. The TV channel offers its viewers sports, features and current affairs reviews focused on the region, including the magazine-like series Inside Out that could be watched as an opt-out of Sunday Politics show.

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    BBC London and its brainchild BBC London news were launched in 2001 as a result of redrawing the areas covered by different transmitters. Previously. London-centred transmitters covered, for technical reasons, a portion of adjacent Home Counties, and so the London TV service had to provide content for those areas as well. As London got separated from the South East region, it became possible to create a completely London-centric service.

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    As one of the subdivisions of BBC, BBC London broadcasts from its headquarters named Broadcasting House. The regional TV takes up the newly built eastern segment of the revamped facilities.

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    Before BBC London was established, the communities and areas of significant size (like Oxford, Crawley, and Luton) that could use their own regional programming had to receive programming mainly focused on Greater London. With the establishment of a new service and introduction of a narrower broadcasting area for London, these communities got their own local TV services.

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    BBC London offers local weather forecasts delivered several times a day. One of the forecasts, usually the weekday evening one, is obligatorily delivered from the roof of the production headquarters or from the place of the last outside reporting.

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    In 2020, the BBC London News lunchtime news bulletin was fused the news bulletin of South East Today service to provide full and efficient coverage of the Covid-19 news. Other programming remained separated for these two regions.