How it works

With, you can directly access all your favourite free-to-air satellite channels from your home country while traveling or living abroad.


Satellite TV with a twist works just like traditional satellite TV with a slight twist on the technology. Tune in to receive satellite signals from free-to-air broadcasts virtually instead of a physical satellite box.


Free-to-air TV with no extras

Your membership subscription covers the cost of renting equipment needed for receiving satellite signals as well as a license for a personal VSMS (Virtualised Satellite Middleware Solution). This system transmits all live TV broadcast signals in their intact, unedited, and original state.


Apps for controlling TV on any device

Access a collection of control applications. Our apps have a user experience very similar to a typical TV set and the ability to create stable connections to the satellite FTA live broadcasts.


Private and secure TV

Free-to-air live TV broadcasts are delivered to subscribers via a direct, private connection set up using a VPN (virtual private network). We use VPN technology to encrypt your access, in contrast to providers who use the public Internet to deliver their content.

Do expats have the right to access TV from their home country when living abroad?

Since expats are still allowed to vote in their home countries, educating them about democratic procedures, laws, and news strengthens democracy.

What makes our service fair? does not re-distribute, broadcast, re-transmit, re-stream, or alter any content. We are a service provider that provides members with legal technology for personal use. Our only source of income is the small fee we ask subscribers to cover the cost of providing the necessary tools and services. We don't violate any EU legislation or existing copyright. We believe that rights must be paid, and we work to develop amicable relationships with broadcasters and rights holders.