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Interesting facts about Horrorxtra channel
  • 1

    Horror channel was officially introduced in 2004 as a free-to-air channel that broadcast horror films and films with horror elements, including fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, cult, mystics and action.

  • 2

    The programming of the channel is considered too particular to be shown in the General Entertainment listing, and so, its daily schedule is provided in the Films section of Radio Times.

  • 3

    In its early days, the channel regularly presented films of the horror genre from the continental Europe, and in particular, it came up with the "The Jean Rollin Season." During this season, the channel broadcast a cluster of films by this French director, including The Nude Vampire, Requiem for a Vampire, and The Living Dead Girl, to name just a few.

  • 4

    The channel underwent rebranding several times, from Horror Channel to Zone Horror in 2006 and back to Horror Channel in 2010.

  • 5

    The channel once featured the famous ident ‘CBS eye’ when it was included into the joint venture deal between the international branch of CBS and Chellomedia to launch CBS-branded channels for the UK.

  • 6

    From time to time, the channel hosts whole thematic seasons of horror movies. The popular seasons were "Horror Horreur," "Hammer Horror", and "Season of the Banned."

  • 7

    The most recent rebranding swapped the Horror Channel name for Legend, although the channel is still primarily referred to as Horror. The rebranding was inspired by the shifts in programming, with more diversified movie selection being offered to viewers.

  • 8

    In 2015, Horror Channel was made available on Freeview platform, in addition to Astra, its initial location. This launch boosted the total number of channel views by roughly 300%.

  • 9

    Horror Channel officially brands itself as ‘dedicated to the dark side of cinema and television.’ The channel began its broadcasting with a lineup of classic horror and mystery films, some reaching back to 1930s, like The Ghoul with Boris Karloff, but soon shifted to abundantly made B-movies that are its signature today.

  • 10

    Horror Channel periodically introduces the fans of classics to the productions from renowned film directors who defined the whole genres, including iconic uniquely Italian ‘giallo’ movies by Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci.