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Why can’t I watch BBC iPlayer from Germany?

The year 2020 was the year for the broadcasters. BBC iPlayer is in high demand for recording services. Of course, because of the Covid-19, more people stayed at home and broadcast the media.

The video services of BBC iPlayer of the UK are very popular across the globe as they broadcast the latest shows such as TV shows and offer several classic UK shows that people can watch. Sounds like the perfect online recording service.

If you live, work or travel in Germany, you can watch BBC iPlayer in many ways. While we can’t 100% guarantee that all of these options are effective, we hope you can watch UK TV shows right away.

How to watch BBC iPlayer from Germany?

Purchase a Premium VPN

A way to watch is to hide and change your IP address to show that you are in the UK. VPNs were originally used by employees of multinational private communications companies worldwide to avoid spying on competitors. Today, they are mainly used to access some geographically limited data streams.

Find a proxy server

In terms of the ability to change the IP address, a proxy server is a tool that acts as an intermediary for the client (you)to retrieve resources from other servers (BBC).

The navigation proxy server is the most difficult choice and requires the most technical knowledge. The connection security when using a proxy server is low, and many ads may appear for free.

What are the best BBC iPlayer shows to watch?

Silent witness

The show was first broadcast in 1996, and it’s a crime series. The story is of a team of forensic pathology experts who unearth various crimes through their investigations.

The silent witness was created by Nigel McCrery, who himself was a Nottingham based murder detective. The show has completed 24 series since 1996. The latest completed in October 2021

This show has continuously achieved a good audience from the UK. In 2021 the average viewership of this show is around 6.89 million people. The show enjoys a rating of 7.8/10 on IMDb.

It’s highly recommended if you love crime series.

The A word

This BBC television series is a remake or inspired by the Israeli “Yellow Peppers” series. The series is about a boy and his family in a disorder of the autism spectrum. The original show has been a hit since 2010 and has a rating of 8.2/10 on IMDb.

The story starts with the ordinary family who loves and fights, but nothing remains the same once the young boy is diagnosed with autism,. The family begins to fall apart, and it does not behave like an ordinary family.

The show has a rating of 7.8/10, and it has been on air since 2016.

The Bridge

The series began with the discovery of a corpse on the border of Denmark and Sweden. The investigation came under the jurisdiction of the Danish and Swedish police and required a joint investigation. Swedish investigator and a Danish investigator have teamed up to find the perpetrator.

The body found is not one person’s body but two halves of the two women: the body of a Swedish politician is the upper, and the lower is that of a Danish prostitute.

The series started in 2011 and ended in 2018 and achieved a ranting of 8.6/10 on IMDb.