Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada

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Why can’t I watch BBC iPlayer from Canada?

The competition among the broadcasters is huge. The quality of programs has reached sky high, but the problem we viewers face is subscriptions.

From amazon prime to Netflix, all demand subscriptions. Somehow, they are open to subscriptions and not blocked due to geography. But the main concern is to watch our most loved programs and fail to watch them due to geographical blockage.

Yes, we can’t watch BBC iPlayer directly here in Canada because the UK has blocked its transmission outside the UK. But we have two solutions to avoid these blockages and access to our favourite programs.

How to watch BBC iPlayer from Canada?

Buy a VPN

virtual private network routes your device through a private server rather than your internet service provider. This action changes the location of your device, and you can be in the UK while you are holding it in your hands here in Canada.

There is a number of VPNs available, but you need to be choosy here because the services of every VPN vary, and it could only be known by exploring the best suitable for your need. In your case, the one which unblocks BBC iPlayer transmission. And let you watch your loved drama series within no time.

Find a Proxy Server

Proxies can also be used to access BBC iPlayer, but there are a few things you must know before considering a Proxy server. It is similar to VPN because it allows access, and you need not pay for the proxy, but the access is for a limited time.

The time is limited because proxies link you indirectly with the desired website and have limited bandwidth, so although they are free yet they won’t let you enjoy the full show.

What are the best BBC iPlayer shows to watch?

The list is huge, but we have chosen the three-best series for you.

The Outlaws

The show started in 2021, and with 12 episodes, it has reached a 7.6/10 rating on IMDb. The story is a mix of comedy, drama and crime where seven people from different backgrounds are completing their community payback sentence in Bristol.

The strangers were becoming friends, but their fate changed when they found a bag full of money. It’s not sure that would it be a good fortune for them, or they will have a bad destiny since they are unaware that groups of dangerous people are behind the bag.

Doctor Who

We are different so are our choices. The doctor is a science fiction play, first aired in 2005, and till 2021 it has completed 200 episodes and rated 8.6/10 from IMDb. This show is a relaunch of a 1963 show under the same name.

The story is of a doctor, a time lord who himself has travelled in time through his unique craft. The uniqueness of this series is that it shows the story of 13 doctors one after the other and how they managed their journey in time and space.

As said earlier, it’s one of the best shows, yet it’s a show for science fiction lovers.

Small Axe

This show has a rating of 7.9/10 on IMDb. The story is inspired by the real-life of the west Indian community in London. It’s a miniseries and consists of five films on the life of the mentioned community from 1960 to 1980.

It is a worth watching series as it follows the proverb “Small axe fall big tree”, or it can be written as if you are the big tree, we are the small axe—a sentiment of a minor community who is in hardships.

Get the plan for your VPN or a BBC proxy and enjoy the show. You won’t regret it since it’s worth watching.