Watch BBC iPlayer in Italy

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Due to the intellectual property rights, BBC iPlayer is blocked in Italy. It is not a glitch, it is an official fact in 2023, and you need special tools to unlock it.

And we’re here to offer you a great solution! Meet!

It is a secure and simple tool to unblock BBC iPlayer in Italy, and you don’t need any advanced tech skills to do it. Just get the extension for Chrome, follow simple installation instructions, and watch everything you want where and when you want to watch it!

The Best and the Easiest Way: Install Chrome extension

To access BBC iPlayer in Italy conveniently, you need to take only three simple steps:

  1. Install Chrome extension.
  2. Click on the extension and select BBC iPlayer.
  3. You will be redirected to the BBC iPlayer website instantly.

This is it! You can now watch BBC iPlayer from any location in Italy. The only reservation is that you need to register in iPlayer (for free) to access all the cool content it can offer.

The BBC slogan is that it belongs to all of us, so it’s time to make it true!

Test Your Luck with a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Probably you have heard about a VPN at least once or maybe used it to visit a site blocked for the UK server (or globally, for that matter). There may be many reasons for site blocking, sometimes openly ridiculous. A VPN works as a mask hiding your actual location and making your virtual location look like the one required for accessing the site. So, connecting to a VPN is quite convenient, in some cases.

The problem with VPNs is that sites regularly combat them and find new ways to detect even a high-quality VPN and prevent it from access. That’s why, although using a VPN to unlock BBC iPlayer may seem a good idea, it may not work that well. Or it may not work for the UK TV in general.

VPNs are different in their functionality and discreteness, especially if we talk about free ones. In addition to confidentiality and performance issues, such programmes usually limit the connection speed. So using them when you want to watch BBC iPlayer is often infeasible. Paid VPNs do not impose speed restrictions, but their functionality is still a matter of your luck and the integrity of its developers.

You may spend a lot of time fiddling with different VPNs and troubleshooting every other day, and still not arrive at a good solution. Getting a dedicated unlocking tool built to work smoothly, like, is a shorter and better way to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

Find a Proxy Server that Works with an iPlayer

A proxy server works similarly to VPNs but is somewhat simpler and lighter in use. While using a VPN, you choose one of the servers located abroad, so you have to do some guessing work regarding what location to choose. A proxy server offers one specific location and redirects your traffic through that location automatically. You never access the site directly, so it does not detect your real IP or location.

Sounds like a good idea for unlocking iPlayer service, because you just have to choose a UK server and that’s it. But it’s not that simple, just like with VPNs.

Subscription for a good proxy server can cost quite a lot, and no one can guarantee that it won’t be detected by iPlayer as a VPN service. Streaming companies become more and more adept at discovering and fixing such loopholes, so alas, one day your proxy just may not work with BBC iPlayer.

Another big problem is that such servers often impose bandwidth limitations and stream traffic limitations to get users to subscribe to more expensive plans. So if you want to catch up on one episode or a couple of BBC shows, it may work for you. To binge-watch dramas and shows by seasons, proxy servers may not be the best solution.

How Do I Create a BBC iPlayer Account in Italy?

After you’ve accessed iPlayer in Italy, you need to register to unlock all its functions and cool content. Registration is free of charge as of 2023 and will take only a couple of minutes. Let’s go through this process together step by step.

  1. When is installed, tap on it and you’ll see the list of channels available.
  2. Choose iPlayer and open it.
  3. The welcoming screen will invite you to register. But to do so, you need to state that you are an adult and your age is 16 or above. Users under 16 are considered children and can register in iPlayer only under parental supervision.
  4. The next step will require you to enter your date of birth.

    You are expected to provide your actual date of birth here. Just mind that you can create an adult account if you are 16 or above. If you mention that you are under 16, BBC iPlayer will create you a child’s account with limited access to content. So take care to enter a date of birth that shows you as an adult.

  5. Due to the features of extension, the site will define your location as the United Kingdom automatically. If you are asked to choose a country manually in the process, just choose the United Kingdom from the list. Do not forget to provide your valid email and create a password. You will need them for signing in if you log out accidentally.
  6. The next step is the most important: you need to prove that you are in the UK and to do so, you’ll need a valid postcode (of which a bit later). Enter a valid random postcode and it will be enough to confirm your location as UK. Gender field is required to maintain the appropriate form of communication with you (via emails) and to offer you the content on BBC iPlayer you might like.
  7. Hit ‘Register’ and the registration is complete. You’ll see this screen, and please don’t forget to verify the email. You’ll need it to retrieve a password if you forget it or to get important updates from iPlayer. If you don’t want to receive emails in the future, just click the corresponding button.

This is it, congratulations! You’ve registered successfully and can now watch BBC content in iPlayer in its full glory.

What UK Postcode for BBC iPlayer Should I Use?

The system won’t run a check on your address or anything, so it’s fully OK to use a random valid code to sign up for BBC iPlayer. Here are some examples of valid postcodes for different locations:

PO1 1QW; PO1 2AY – Portsmouth

BS14 8WR – Bristol

SN1 4BL; SN1 3EX – Swindon (Wiltshire)

SW2 4QE; WC1N 2NF; E3 5QT – different districts of London.

Now more about British postcodes and what they look like. The matter is complicated, so we’ll just say a couple of words about them, FYI.

The British postcode has 5 to 7 symbols that include both numbers and letters. The code describes the geographic location on several levels, starting with a city and ending with a specific group of houses or part of the street. It makes mail delivery easier and provides convenient number identifiers for different locations, like in this case with BBC iPlayer's registration. You don’t just say that you are in the UK, but with this code, you show that you live in a particular area. That’s why the postcode is required for registration.

A full postcode consists of two parts, outward postcode and inward postcode. The first part includes 2 to 4 letters/numbers, and it is separated by one blank space from the second part which can also include 2 to 4 letters/numbers.

Is It Legal to Use a VPN to Watch BBC iPlayer in Italy?

VPNs are fully legal software solutions that are sometimes officially recommended to users for security reasons or in cases of emergency. So there is nothing wrong or illegal in employing them for harmless activities like streaming British TV. iPlayer developers may not want you to, but it’s more of a finger-wagging no-no.

Yet another question is the performance of a VPN service and its ability to circumvent geo-blocking put in place by the iPlayer team. It’s a matter of luck and trial and error if you choose this way to unblock BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

Is There a Free VPN for BBC iPlayer?

Usually, a VPN is not designed for a specific program or site; it is designed to cover the whole amount of traffic that passes to and from your device. So, no, there are no dedicated VPNs to watch BBC iPlayer. You have to pick a regular VPN and see if it makes iPlayer available in Italy.

And you have to experiment and sieve through many options to potentially find a reliable VPN that will work. However, a free version will be slow, limited by the number of locations and servers. It may altogether lack the UK server that you are looking for.

Paid versions may have more options for servers and locations but again, it all depends on the quality of VPN in general. VPN architecture may be outdated and incompatible with new streaming services. Or a VPN service may interfere with your firewall or antivirus, or just lose connection time after time because of some inner flaws. Such programs are designed to work with site pages and emails; they are not intended for heavy-duty broadband BBC iPlayer streaming, after all.

What Should I Do If BBC iPlayer Is Not Working With A VPN?

The soundest tip so far is to find another way to access BBC iPlayer from Italy. Just get a dedicated solution that is simple and efficient, like Chrome extension. Yet you are free to test your tech skills and experiment with available VPNs. Here’s a short guide to troubleshooting if anything goes wrong in the process.

1. The selected VPN service does not connect to the Internet at all

Possible solutions:

  • Check your firewall settings and allow the use of a VPN
  • Update the VPN or use another one
  • Reset your router and a device where the VPN is installed
  • If the problem is with the wrong port settings, you need to contact the support.

2. Internet speed is very slow when a VPN is on

Possible solutions:

  • Find a faster premium VPN or upgrade to a more expensive plan without speed limits
  • If possible, choose servers that are located closer to you. The further the proxy server, the lower the speed for streaming BBC (or any other content provider).
  • Check if you use proper protocols for sending and receiving the data. Your default protocol should be UDP.
  • Your Internet connection may be slow because you use too many devices simultaneously. Turn off other devices and try to access the BBC iPlayer again.

3. A VPN works with other applications or sites but does not let you stream content

Possible solutions:

  • Get a dedicated reliable VPN for streaming British TV.
  • Clean cookies and cache on your device.
  • Try to switch to another VPN server.

How Do I Watch BBC iPlayer in Italy Without a VPN?

As you see, using a VPN to watch iPlayer looks more like hurdle races and less like a pleasurable experience. That’s why we point you to the practical way to watch BBC iPlayer in Italy. Just install Chrome extension and spare yourself troubles and frustration. With a couple of clicks, you are able to watch all your beloved programmes and dramas without a glitch.

Do You Have to Pay for BBC iPlayer in Italy?

No, you don’t. BBC iPlayer is a free catch-up and on-demand video service, so once you register you can watch it as you please. Get and it will take care of everything. You only have to decide what favorite BBC iPlayer shows to watch first.

On What Devices Can I Watch BBC iPlayer in Italy?

You can access BBC iPlayer on a whole array of devices.

  • Smart TV connected to the Internet (if you are in Northern Italy)
  • Desktop PC
  • Laptops
  • Tablets and smartphones running on Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire.

What Can I Watch on BBC iPlayer from Italy?

With iPlayer, you have access to a wealth of BBC channels and categories, including BBC programmes, dramas, and other thrilling content. The categories alone reach into dozens, like Soaps and drama, comedy, films, news, music, documentaries, history, science and nature, arts, lifestyle, music, the content from the BBC TV archives, kids’ content, and more.

It’s especially convenient that the most popular BBC iPlayer content comes in strands. For example, along with re-watching older and newer seasons of Doctor Who you can explore the history of the cult series, discover the Whoniverse, and so on. The same relates to all BBC signature films and shows, so get ready to binge-watch for hours.

It’s hard to count all shows and movies on BBC iPlayer because Doctor Who alone with its spin-offs and related content accounts for 800 episodes. And they will be all shown to mark the 60th anniversary of this sci-fi phenomenon in 2023. So expect to find thousands of hours of programmes, dramas, films, and more, all gathered at one place for your convenience.

It’s not surprising, then, that the global iPlayer sees a steady growth in the number of viewers in and outside the UK, reaching 7 billion at the end of 2022. Don’t miss out on this feast and start enjoying iPlayer from Italy right now.

What Channels are on BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer provides content from all channels hosted under the BBC umbrella, namely:

  • BBC 1
  • BBC 2
  • BBC 3
  • BBC 4
  • Radio 1
  • CBBC
  • CBeebies
  • BBC Scotland
  • BBC News
  • BBC Parliament
  • BBC Alba
  • BBC S4C

What Movies are on BBC iPlayer?

There is a whole universe of films available on BBC iPlayer. Cult movies, indie, beloved family classics, famous crime stories, celebrated book adaptations - it is a real treasure trove of old and new movies to watch on-demand.

Need some examples? Halloween, The Train, Apocalypse Now: The Final Cut, Blade Runner 2049, the Shining, Shakespeare in Love, Poltergeist, Gravity. These films are streamed currently, and you can catch up on them any moment. Later the recommended selection may be replaced with a new one. But you will still be able to access these or any other of thousands of great movies on iPlayer streaming service.