ITVX is a new name for the super-popular ITV Hub, a catch-up service that lets you conveniently watch some of the best and the most entertaining British TV shows. The name was changed in 2022 but the quality of content remains sublime. That’s why many viewers outside the United Kingdom want to watch it, especially from Ireland.

Many broadcasting services and content are shared smoothly between the countries. Yet ITV Hub is only available across Great Britain. So it is very frustrating to lose access to ITV Hub just because it's not available from Ireland. The same applies to BBC iPlayer from Ireland, so that's a feature, not a bug.

There are valid reasons for it, like intellectual property rights, company policies on how and when to broadcast domestic British shows, and so on. But we can bet that you are ultimately interested in ways to easily access ITV Hub from Ireland and enjoy it nicely without a glitch.

Let’s get down to business, then: the best and the simplest way to watch ITV Hub is to get the Chrome extension.

It does all the job, leaving the fun to you. Just install it, click on the ITV Hub tab and feast on the abundance of programmes!

Install Chrome Extension to Watch ITV from Ireland (Best way)

The most convenient, no-fuss way to unblocking ITV Hub is to get the Chrome extension and relax. It will perform functions of a VPN and an unblocker, so even a person with very basic tech skills can install it and not worry about anything else. Here are the steps to watch ITV on-demand content when not in the UK:

1. Install the extension for Google Chrome browser

2. Run the extension and click on ITVX

3. You will be redirected to streaming service website in an instant

You’ve done it! You have unlocked ITV player and are a few steps away from accessing ITV Hub from Ireland. According to the ITV rules, you have to register (for free) to start feasting on your favorite ITV shows. It’s a breezy process and we’ll help you with it.

A Solution for Techies: Use a VPN to Watch ITV from Ireland

However, if you know your way around the Internet, you may decide you need a VPN to watch ITV Hub. A VPN (or virtual private network) is a type of software that redirects the traffic from your device through servers scattered around the globe. The target website then perceives your attempt to access the ITV as coming not from your current location but from somewhere else. Your actual IP and geolocation go undercover, so to speak. So while you try to open ITV Hub from Ireland, you should choose a server in the UK. ITV Hub won’t know that you are outside the UK and will let you watch what you want.

 In practice, however, these simple steps to watch a show or a movie can turn in every way. Even the best VPNs to watch ITV Hub will have their limitations. Some VPNs that promise to unblock ITV Hub just don’t work, and some don’t have a UK server to rely on. Ultimately, any free VPN for ITV cuts the bandwidth and speed, so binging TV becomes not a very pleasant experience. So if you want to watch ITV from anywhere using the VPN's full capacities, you have to pay for Premium plans, and oftentimes it costs quite a lot of money.

Using a Proxy Server to Watch ITVX from Ireland - Similar to a VPN for ITV

A proxy server is a simpler version of a VPN in that it is a single point through which you access the website. No random server-jumping, no sifting through solutions trying to find the best VPN for ITV Hub. Just select a reliable UK server to use as a location masking tool and go.

Yet there are some reservations. First, it’s not that simple to find a really workable server with a UK IP address that will have the required bandwidth and stability. Second, if you opt for a free version, mind that your privacy and personal data can be compromised or retrieved by a third-party.

A Simple Guide on How to Sign Up for ITV Hub from Ireland

Registration process is really easy and familiar to anyone who’s ever registered on any shopping or entertainment site. The only difference is that to have ITV Hub live from Ireland you need to provide a valid UK postcode, but we’ll help you with it. So let’s start.

1. Registration begins with providing your valid email. Email should be real because you will need to verify it and because it will be used to recover your password if you forget it. You won't be able to enjoy ITV content without your account credentials.

2. Next step is to create a password that is not too easy or widespread among other users (many just type 123456 - that's not how to do it, come up with a better password). Once you type it in a box, write it down somewhere where you can find it if necessary. There is also a text below offering to subscribe for newsletters. It’s totally optional, you don't need to agree to watch ITV Hub Ireland, so just leave the box empty if you wish.

3. Now it’s time to provide your name, last name and how you would want to be referred to (just for the purpose of polite greeting, as the prompt explains).

4. This step should be taken seriously. To start watching ITV in its entirety of content and features, you need to be an adult, that is,16 or above. So while typing your date of birth, make sure that it shows you as an adult. The system won’t run a check on it, just keep this point in mind during registration for ITV Hub from outside the UK.

5. Now the postcode thing. ITV Hub needs your postcode to be sure that you request access from a specific location in the UK and so can legally watch shows and films. You can provide any random valid post code (example: L1 8BN). Below we will give several examples of valid codes to facilitate the process for you.

6. The main registration process is over, all you have to do now is verify an email, and the screen asks you to do just that. Head to your inbox and find an email from ITVX.

7. Open the email and hit a big yellow button saying ‘Verify your email now.’

8. You’ll be redirected to the ITVX site and get confirmation that your email is verified and you can continue.

9. This last step is to choose between a free and a premium plan letting you to watch ITV Hub from Ireland. You may want to subscribe to a paid version if you like, but we suggest that you start with a free plan. You'll get a taste of what it’s like to stream ITV Hub content outside of the UK, and then decide if you need an upgrade to premium. Now enjoy the experience and dive into a new stream of favorite ITV shows or stay loyal to your chosen series!

What UK Post Сode to Use to Watch ITV Hub from Ireland

Postcode is required to confirm that you are actually in Britain and can name a specific place of residence there. It is quite a logical requirement, so here’s how to deal with it to unblock ITV.

ITVX website won’t require any further proof except the postcode itself, so here are a few postcodes from different areas of England. You can use them to register and access ITV from Ireland.

Different postal areas of Liverpool:

  • L1 8BN (South John Street)
  • L2 1TD (Lord Street)
  • L1 8JF (Paradise Street)
  • L1 8BU (South John Street)
  • L2 1TA (Lord Street)

Westminster residential areas of London:

  • SW1W0NZ (Ebury Street)
  • SW1W0PA (Ebury Street)
  • SW1W0LU (Ebury Street)
  • SW1W0NT (Lower Belgrave Street)
  • SW1W9DU (Chester Square)


  • PO16 7GZ (Fareham)


  • GU16 7HF (Frimley)

As you see, each postcode has two parts containing both letters and numbers and separated by one blank space. These two parts are called outward and inward codes. Put together, they provide the exact marking of a specific place starting with a city and ending with a group of houses. It really simplifies mail delivery and other tasks requiring clear and accurate place identification. The codes also help you watch ITV when abroad, so cheers to the British ingenuity.

List of Channels to Watch on ITVX Player from Ireland

Available channels are ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITVBe, and a number of curated channels that host a variety of content or are dedicated to a single show or series. These curated channels include ITV Kids, Blast from the Past, The Chase, Comedy 24/7, ITV Signed, Love Island, Movies 24/7, Sail GP, The Only Way is Essex TV, LEGO Universe, and some others. If you like ITV family of channels, is a perfect choice for streaming ITV.

Great Shows to Watch on ITV Hub from Ireland in 2023

The ITV umbrella of channels has never been short of good shows and entertaining content popular in and outside the UK. New projects come into the spotlight regularly, to the delight of viewers. However, while discussing why users want to watch ITV Hub so badly, it’s hard not to mention such iconic projects as the sizzling-hot Love Island and its juicy spinoffs; The Only Way is Essex; the horny and funny The Real Full Monty and its seasonal specials like Jingle Balls and Real Full Monty on Ice. Here you can enjoy dating shows of all kinds, the extravagant Absolutely Ascot, cooking sprees by chefs and beginners, witty stand-ups, signature shows by and about celebrities and people aspiring to become the one, and many, many more!

The Top Films to Watch on ITV Hub from Ireland in 2023

ITVX is an endless source of good movies of all genres, from thrillers and horrors to comedies and dramas. Films are on a rotation, so every week brings a new selection of ITV Hub content. Among the top films to indulge in 2023, we’d name Harry Potter Universe movies like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald, thrillers Escobar, Imperium, The Whistleblower, and JFK, sci-fi movies District 9, Predestination, and a selection of old and new comedies to have a good laugh, like Hairspray, Austin Powers, and Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Types of Devices That Support Streaming ITV Hub from Ireland

ITVX content can be conveniently streamed on its official website in a standard browser installed on your laptop or desktop. You can also download the ITV Hub app for Android and iOS on tablets and phones, or even enjoy ITV from Ireland on some smart TVs. Most mobile devices are compatible with ITV, and if you don't have an ITV app, just open the website in a mobile browser and enjoy!


Can I watch any show on live TV on the ITV Hub?

We would like to say yes, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Sometimes it’s no, you can’t. Some shows are not meant for streaming as live TV or online from Ireland due to the rights ownership issues, licenses, or other legal reasons. This is the position of ITV, and its affiliate player just complies with its policy.

ITV Hub will put a warning up front that a show cannot be streamed online, so please know that it’s not the matter of blocking or poor Internet connection. You’ll have to wait till a show is made available as a catch-up.

Can I watch live TV on ITV player or just catch up on programmes?

Both. One of the reasons so many people wish to watch ITV Hub live is that you can watch live TV and catch up on a favorite show as well. That’s what makes this on-demand service so popular. However, the only choice for accessing ITV Hub in its full glory is to create a personal account there. It’s free and easy to do. Some channels that you can access after registration include ITV1, ITV2, and ITV Kids (it is just an example, the list is longer). Theoretically, you might need a license to access British live content from Ireland with the help of this player, but that’s not required for on-demand viewing.

How long will it take a show to appear on ITV Hub from Ireland after it was aired on its main channel?

Usually everything happens fast, and as soon as the show episode is over on its host channel, it will become available on ITVX. But don’t worry if you access ITV Hub Ireland and a show is not streaming right away. It may take up to an hour for a show to become available on this catch-up service after being shown on a terrestrial channel. Some live events and shows, like football matches or horse races, may require a couple of hours for basic technical editing before they are fit to be shown in a TV format.

What do I do if I try to watch ITV Hub and see an ITV error code?

Sometimes, while trying to watch ITV Hub you see a frustrating error report instead of an anticipated show. The black screen will say ‘Sorry, the show is not available now’ and will give the error code 01-01. Don’t get too upset, as this problem can be rather easily fixed.

1. The first most common reason is that Internet connection is not that good or there is a glitch in geo-targeting, and ITV Hub decides that it's not a UK server. To fix it, check if you have steady Internet connection, restart your modem and router, and re-launch to view ITV service smoothly.

2. If the previous step did not help while the connection is OK, maybe it’s time to update the app you use. Open the App Store or Google Play Store (depending on your device) and find the ITV app. It should be the latest version, with all bug fixes and updates. Hit the button Update, wait till the process is completed, and restart the device.

3. Sometimes the previous steps don’t bring the streaming back because the reason behind the error is even simpler. The device cache is full and needs to be cleared. It’s a good habit to clear the cache periodically even if you don’t stream ITV from Ireland on it. Go to Settings on your device, find the ITVX app, find and select ‘Clear the cache’ option. Restart the device after it and make an attempt to watch ITV again.

4. The most obvious solution for many device glitches, including the ITV Hub error: restart the device and let the system sort out problems internally. Try it for fixing 01-01 error as well as for dealing with other minor glitches in programmes or apps. This little trick often works big wonders when you need to enjoy ITV immediately.

All in all, the 01-01 error is not that ominous, you just have to know how to approach it and what to do to access your favorite shows available on ITV Hub again.

Is it free to watch live TV on the ITV Hub from Ireland?

Yes, it is. Live TV is free for viewing on the ITVX website, in the ITV Hub app, and on some smart TVs that support this on-demand streaming format. Simply watch ITV from Ireland using our Chrome extension and get everything for free, even when you're outside of the UK.

Are ITV Hub and ITVX the same thing?

Yes, they are the same thing. ITV Hub was rebranded in 2022 and got the name of ITVX. Otherwise, the service and the content available on ITV remain the same. Many people still use the ITV Hub name regularly, so these terms are fully interchangeable.

What are the steps to watch Love Island on ITV Hub from Ireland?

Fortunately, Love Island, the super-popular show hosted by ITV2, is available for free viewing on ITV even when you are based from Ireland, whether you want to enjoy a newly aired episode or go through the previous seasons. So use your ITV Hub account, go to the Categories tab, and check if the new episode is available yet. If it is available in the UK, then you'll be able to watch it in the on-demand player from Ireland very soon. Or find a season you want to re-watch and dive into it headlong.